Question: I accidently deleted all my pictures with my Canon EOS digital camera? Can they be recovered?
Answer: Yes! You have high chances to recover all your lost images from Canon as long as you have NOT taken more pictures or saved any new files to your memory card inside your Canon digital camera after you deleted them.


Question: Can I recover pictures from a formatted SD card?
Answer: Yes! Formatting SD card (or other memory cards) won't delete the pictures permanently. You still have chance to recover your lost pictures with the Canon Photo Recovery software.


Question: Can I recover inaccessible or corrupted pictures from a memory card?
Answer: Yes! This Canon picture recovery program can restore inaccessible or corrupted pictures from your memory card.


Question: Is the Canon Photo Recovery software compatible with all series of Canon digital cameras?
Answer: Yes! All of them are supported by this Canon image file retrieval program.


Question: Can it recover Canon RAW pictures, such CR2 and CRW from Canon?
Answer: Yes! Both of them can be retrieved from Canon memory card.


Question: How many kinds of memory cards are supported by this Canon recovery application?
Answer: Almost all kinds of memory cards are supported by this Canon recovery tool, such as SD card, Micro SD card, SDHC, SDXC, CF card, MMC card etc.


Question: Can it recover lost videos or movies?
Answer: Yes! All file types of multimedia files, such as images, videos and audio files are supported by this Canon recovery application.


Question: Can I install and run the Canon recovery software on my Mac?
Answer: Yes! There are two software versions, one for Windows users and the other one for Mac OS X users.


Question: How to recover deleted pictures from my Canon digital camera? Is there a tutorial?
Answer: Yes! There are two tutorials (tutorial for windows users and tutorial for Mac users) on the home page of this website.


Question: On the day of my daughter’s 10th birthday, I shoot a very interesting movie with my Canon digital camera. However, due to improper operation, I accidentally deleted this video. Is this Canon Photo Recovery Software able to restore the lost video files from the Micro SD card inside of my Canon?
Answer: Definitely YES! This professional and powerful Canon data recovery software can not only retrieve images, but also restore videos/movies and music files. Please download and install this reliable Canon camera recovery program and get back your lost files ASAP. Read more here: Canon digital camera video recovery.